Happiness Is Swimming In The Mediterranean

I just had some film developed from our trip to Sardinia, Italy back in May. I’m still dreaming about those hot days swimming in the crystal clear water of the Mediterranean. Can’t wait for the next summer vacation adventure like this. One of my many summer goals was to use more of my film cameras on our trips – the element of surprise when you get them developed is so much fun. These photos make me so happy!

Cala Luna | Sardinia

Happiness is Sardinia

Brent the body surfer | Sardinia, Italy

Happiness Is Swimming In The Mediterranean

Swimming In Sardinia

Mediterranean Dream | Sardinia, Italy

  • Dustin Grettenberger

    Such awesome pics! Love all of the water shots.

    • Thanks Dustin! You would love Sardinia and there’s surf there, too! (On the other side of the island, but still)

  • Lauren

    Hi! I was just googling beaches with fun waves in Sardinia, and I came across your great photos. Can you tell me what beach this is? (Did I miss it where you said so? sorry!) Any other advice about beaches there would be greatly appreciated. I lived near the ocean for many years, so I’m not a fan of placid beaches.

    • Hi Lauren – Thanks for checking out our blog! Most of these photos were taken at the beach Cala Luna, which was our favorite because of the amazing beach caves. This side of Sardinia didn’t have very large waves (I think there’s surf on the opposite side of the island), but the coastline was breathtaking. I did another blog post that went into more detail about each beach we visited if you want to check that out, here’s the link : http://www.baguettenberger.com/2016/05/a-week-on-the-italian-island-of-sardinia/