In October 2013, when Brent returned from his three week business trip to Biarritz (when he was officially offered his job here) he returned to the Quiksilver office in Huntington Beach, California, to find his friends had plastered his desk with pictures of baguettes with ‘Baguettenberger’ written on them – a combination of the word ‘baguette’ and our last name, ‘Grettenberger’. Then, as a going away gift before our move, our good friends Cory & Sarah hand made Brent a custom baguette sling with ‘Baguettenberger’ embroidered on it, making it official – the nickname had stuck. We are now the Baguettenbergers, and baguettes for us are not only delicious, they are also a symbol of our love for France  and this amazing journey we are on, building a new life in Biarritz. These are photos of all of our favorite baguette moments.