May Sunsets In Biarritz

Summertime in Biarritz not only brings warm weather and beach days, but also the most epic sunsets! The summer sky here is just incredible and every night there never fails to be an amazing sky to look at. It felt like we didn’t have a sunset all winter, it was too stormy, dark, and cold for there to be any color in the sky. But starting this month, as it begins to warm up, the sunsets have been to-die-for. It’s been hard to not blast Instagram with a sunset picture every night! Instead I’ve decided to share all my sunset pictures here on this blog. Sunset pictures are so cliche, I know, but these are just too good not to share. Pictures don’t even do it justice, but you can get a sense for the range of colors we experience every night! These are a few pictures I snapped of May sunsets we’ve had here in Biarritz.

The craziest thing about living here is how late the sun sets in the summer. This past week the sun doesn’t go down until 9:30pm, and it’s still light after it sets until about 10:30pm. The picture above of Brent on the beach was taken around 10pm. In June it will set even later, staying light until almost 11! It definitely takes some getting used to, especially on nights when we want to be in bed earlier than that!


Every night the clouds are different, the colors are different. Some nights the sky is pink, some nights blue, but always beyond beautiful! We are lucky to get a great view of the sunset from our balcony, but have also vowed to get down to the beach to watch more sunsets there this summer.