We are two Californians living on the south west coast of France. We love Mexican food, the beach, and try to travel as much as we can. We met in 2003 at San Diego State University where we both studied graphic design. Five years later we both received jobs at Quiksilver and Roxy in Huntington Beach. I went on to design for the clothing design department while Becca went on to design for Roxy e-comm. Becca eventually moved on from Roxy to focus on Orange Paper Shoppe and freelance design work. Within months of Becca leaving Roxy, Quiksilver decided to move the clothing design headquarters in Australia and Huntington Beach to Europe, and gave me the opportunity to move to Biarritz, France. So after 10 years of being together (hey, why ruin a good thing?) I finally asked Becca to marry me and move to Biarritz. Becca had always wanted to move to France, but I was the one who told her I would never make that move, “hey who really wants to leave Southern California?”. Within 3 months we had the best wedding one could ever imagine and 1 month later our lives were packed and shipped to Biarritz, France. So that’s where our European adventure & this blog begins.


The Baguettenbergers | By The Baguettenbergers