Morning run view... prepping for the busy beach day with two rows of umbrellas! ⛱⛱ #grandeplage #biarritz

Red scooter, red signs, red shutters... the streets of Biarritz are color-coordinated this evening, and maybe trying to tell me to get prepared for the Fêtes de Bayonne? I love the cute moments hiding around all the corners in this little town! ️

Peak summer at GRANDE ️ PLAGE #biarritz #france #grandeplage #parasols #grandeplagephotocontest

Happiness is... BIG burritos and sunshine! ️

10 mile family hike yesterday along the Basque Coast, from Bidart to Erromardie. Enjoying the last weekend of adventures with the Grettenbergers before they head back to California!

M E N O R C A  House goals! My favorite house in Cala En Porter #calaenporter #menorca

The view from above at Cala En Porter... those boat shadows on the bottom of the sea...  this is the water dreams are made of!  #calaenporter #menorca #spain

How to cool off at #calaenporter. #baguettenberger

Family beach day under the palapas in dreamy Cala En Porter. I love the view of the surrounding cliffs covered in white dream-homes! #goals #menorca #calaenporter

Beers, boats, and the loch ness

Trash & treasures found during a quick beach comb at Cala Galdana  #beachcombing #calagaldana #menorca #spain #beccalovesbeachcombing #2minutebeachclean #beachplastic #cleanyobeach #beachcomber

Made it back to my favorite beach of all time  #calagaldana #menorca #spain

M E N O R C A  Finally made it back to my favorite place and found some much-needed sunshine! Weekend adventure with the Grettenberger family visiting from California... and this is the view from our hotel because @bgrettenberger is the BEST travel agent ever. I'm trying to get him to start his own travel agency because he's so good at this trip planning! Photo by Brent #calaenporter #clubmenorca #menorca #spain #thatwatertho #mediterraneansea

Today I had my groceries delivered to my car while I waited for my fresh baguette

Happiness is... getting to eat TACOS for dinner in France! Congrats to @kittyfahey on your delicious taco shop, @tacoqueen64 I'll be back a lot this summer!

I did it! I survived my first ride on the back of Brent's tiny scooter today, and I didn't die. My new helmet has been staring at me for months and I finally got the courage to hop on the back today. We made it all the way to Saint Jean de Luz and back... and I'm still alive! Today was a good day! @bgrettenberger #brapbrap #biarritz #baguettenberger #ruemariehopevere #france

Stripes are the cutest beach accessory! Sorry, but I'll be filling your feeds with these striped umbrellas until they take them down at the end of August!  #sorrynotsorry #parasols #biarritz

Peaceful #côtedesbasques morning view  #biarritz

I just realized this shirt is 21 years old and I don't know how I feel about that.

Happy 4th of July from Biarritz, to my fellow expats and all our friends & family back home! # #4theofjuly #redwhiteandblue

Look who's baaaaack! ⛱ Every year in Biarritz I don't feel like summer officially starts until they put the striped parasols up à la Grande Plage. After a long week of rain this was a very welcome sight this morning!! ️

J U N E G L O O M Is there a similar expression for this in French, or is it just a California thing?

A handful of mermaid's tears & micro plastics found on the beach this morning. I'm taking over @panthalassa_org Instagram account today to share some of my favorite views, running routes and beach combing spots in Biarritz... check out their story to see what else I found today!          I also did an interview with @elisarouta about my beach combing adventures - it's up on Panthalassa's site, link in bio if you want to check it out!

The dive into one of Biarritz's best swimming pools... so hot today, the best place to be is IN the water  #portvieux #biarritz #france #jeffroinbiarritz

Post-hike swim out to the arched rock at Plage du Miramar yesterday... a good perspective of Biarritz from out there! Thanks to @jfrostu for capturing it!

Made some baby animal friends on our hike up La Rhune today! Baby horses everywhere... they were sooooo cute!!

Charged to the top of La Rhune this morning with @jfrostu !

Hiker, adventurer, engineer, truck designer, business partner, advice-giver, motivator, best salad maker & red wine drinker... my DAD is pretty awesome! Happy Father's Day @bjamesk !!!

Dreamy A Q U A blue water in Bidart today  #bidart #france

Our first summer visitor @jfrostu made it to Biarritz! Excited for the next few days of adventures with this guy... starting with a sunset walk to this evening to take in all the views! #biarritz

Spent a day in the sunshine, cheering on friends surfing in the Wheels & Waves Log Invitational

When you buy so many peonies from the man at the market that he gives you extra peonies!

Another shot from yesterday since it's raining today. Biarritz is so dreamy in the summertime (when the sun comes out)! #grandeplage #biarritz #france

L I F E G U A R D S of Biarritz There are worse lunch break views...   #grandeplage #biarritz #france

Just walking past small castles on the way to run errands... only in France! #biarritz #saintcharles #france

I love June B I A R R I T Z

Peonies + Friday, a good combination  B O N week-end friends!

First summer dinner on the balcony... bright and sunny at 8:30pm! #châteaugrettenberger #baguettenberger #biarritz

Returned home to the town covered in these beautiful blooms! Reason no. 576839685 summertime in Biarritz is my favorite!

I N S P I R I N G  morning at @daydreamsurfshop yesterday to visit my favorite girl from Biarritz @serenalutton and my favorite bulldog @badboy_jr_  Also, B E S T coffee I've had all trip and I wanted to buy everything in the shop!!!