Hi friends! We're doing a SPRING giveaway over at @orangepapershoppe ️ You could win an 8 pack of these sunny cards just by giving my paper shop a little bit of love. Follow the link in my profile to enter, and thanks, as always, for your support!

Mondays are never easy... especially after a weekend as good as this last one! (I didn't get the stripe memo, but apparently it was planned that way! ) Thanks again friends for a great celebration this weekend! : @seb.picaud

The cutest cake ever made by @kirstykaboodle!! Baby marzipan baguettes and croissants - are you kidding me?!!

A pretty scene from my birthday party yesterday, chez Acuna! MERCI to @m_cle for bringing my favorite FUNFETTI

What  B I R T H D A Y  dreams are made of (especially in France)! A huge MERCI to all my friends who contributed to the most amazing spread I've ever seen, especially @bgrettenberger

I love ranunculus season, and my favorite street in B I A R R I T Z  #ruemariehopevere #biarritz #france #ranunculus

Enjoying the sunset view from #châteaugrettenberger right now - what a way to end the week, and the year!

Soaking up every last drop of this sunshine while I still have it...

Morning run view... feels like spring in Biarritz today! ( f i n a l l y )

We made the most of this gorgeous sunny day and hiked the trail along La Corniche Basque, from Socoa to Hendaye (and back)! I can never get enough of these Basque coastal views. ( Check out my story for more pics from today! ) #cornichebasque #paysbasque #hendaye #france #wakeupandhike #baguettenberger #wakeupandgotoafleamarketandthenhike

Debris covered, dirty beaches in Biarritz this morning!! Check out my beach combing account @seaandgather to see what I found. (Hint :

More  on Gran Canaria, because they're so amazing! #puertorico #grancanaria #españa #cactus #cactusmagazine

Feels like summer this evening in Puerto Rico de Gran Canaria

Gorgeous view on my morning run! They have a path built into the side of the cliffs so you can run + walk from beach to beach, and it's lined with cacti so of course I did more picture-taking than running, as always.

Falling in love with the Canary Islands, one sunny day at a time! And THIS w a t e r !!!!

Colorful striped umbrellas and turquoise water... these are a few of my favorite things!

The cacti on this island are incredible! It took us 30 minutes to get to the store, instead of 5, because I had to stop and take so many pictures of these beauties!!  #grancanaria #españa #cactus

( e a r l y ) BIRTHDAY celebration starts now!! We found summer on the island of Gran Canaria, Spain

Foggy morning run view. This lack of vitamin D is starting to get to me...

These miniature Instagram photos just don't do the size of these waves justice. The Atlantic was so powerful tonight... and now I can't wait for post-storm beach combing later this week! #rocherdelavierge #biarritz #france

Massive wave watching + photo taking adventure with @mrjasoncampbell this evening to experience the huge swell hitting this part of the world. Biarritz was like Splash Mountain tonight - people were getting soaked left and right!  We definitely didn't come out of this experience very dry ourselves, but it was so worth it!! #côtedesbasques #biarritz #france

Biarritz bracing for the giant swell hitting this afternoon!  #grandeplage #biarritz

Colorful treasures from last weekend's beach combing adventures in Bidart and Biarritz.  If you enjoy my beach combing posts like this one, I started a separate account back in January where I'm documenting my daily beach finds. Check it out and follow along if you're interested! @seaandgather

Perfect day for an outdoor adventure in French California! Trail run + hike with @kirstykaboodle I could really get used to this February Basque Country sunshine! Bon dimanche friends!

Beach patrol, beach cleaning, beach combing.

Morning beach cleanup with @bgrettenberger in B I D A R T #cleanyobeachbeaches #bidart #france #beccalovesbeachcleaning #2minutebeachclean #beachcleanup #beachclean

B O N J O U R  F R I D A Y Morning workout run on the beach. Running in sand is so hard!

Peaceful foggy morning in Biarritz

Sweet D R E A M S Biarritz  #grandeplage #biarritz #france

Morning run avec vue  #wakeupandrun #biarritz #france #jeparlefranglais

I wish it was really as warm as it looks. Biarritz teasing us with summer weather today, and I couldn't be happier!

Biarritz doesn't even look real today. A strangely calm ocean and the most Mediterranean turquoise colored water... just before the storm. #biarritz #france #kindabreak #paysbasque

After a long trip I'm always happy to return to return to peaceful Biarritz, and even more happy to get to call this beautiful place home. A shot from our morning walk around town - I'll never get tired of these views! #biarritz

Saturday morning beach walk and clean up with @bgrettenberger The beaches of Biarritz were pretty clean today, but there's always bits of trash to be found hiding amongst the rocks. #cleanyobeachbeaches #beachclean #beccalovesbeachcleaning #cleanyobeach #biarritz #france #beachcleanup #2minutebeachclean #beachtrash #seaandgather #takethreeforthesea

You can take the girl away from the beach but you can't take the beach-comber away from the girl. Treasures found on the shores of the Thames River in #london while @ashleydaze picked up trash. #cleanyobeachbeaches #beccalovesbeachcombing #2minutebeachclean

Ash & Andy { & Marilyn } #tatemodern #london

One more shot of Sketch Gallery from afternoon tea yesterday, because this room was one of the most beautiful I've ever seen! ️

Gallery wall details from Sketch! I could have spent all day in here looking at all the illustrations! {they only let you have your table for 2 hours}” target=”_blank”> Gallery wall details from Sketch! I could have spent all day in here looking at all the illustrations! {they only let you have your table for 2 hours}” src=”https://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/sh0.08/e35/p640x640/16230628_122266731623457_1059355264106364928_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTQ0NDg2NzEzNTg4NDMyMjUwMg%3D%3D.2″ class=”” width=”235″ height=”235″>

When Pinterest dreams become reality. Afternoon tea (&

Best friend bucket list : Made it to L O N D O N with @ashleydaze ️