Happiness is... hanging out with my nephews after not seeing them for two years! It’s been way too long! Finally made it to ALASKA for Thanksgiving week with the Radanovich family @hannaveva @jordanradanovich ! Four flights from France, a lost bag, and 26 hours later, it was all worth it waking up in this winter wonderland with these cute faces! Morning sledding adventures in the neighborhood... and it’s 5° F (-16° C) outside!!! ️ Photo by my sister @hannaveva

Office life avec @elisarouta  Is it Christmas vacation yet? Also matching beanies because this room doubles as an ice box. ️ #workworkworkworkwork #bidart #france

Happiness is... Sunday afternoons at #châteaugrettenberger

Slow Sunday morning at home, heading back from the marché avec @bgrettenberger #biarritz

Exploring the narrow, sandy colored streets of Mdina, Malta  Photo by @bgrettenberger

Mini cars, terra cotta pots, textured walls... all of it! Sicilian cuteness everywhere we look in Taormina!

Cuteness on the streets of Taormina, Sicily  Love that blue door next to the pink wall, and the little ceramic heads hanging everywhere crack me up!

Color, type and texture goodness from Burano yesterday. So much inspiration on this tiny little island! #burano #italy

Was so in love with the striped curtains almost every house in Burano had hanging over their front door. Those stripes against those pops of colors.... obsessed!!! CUTEST. PLACE. EVER. #burano #italy

We spent today exploring the colorful island of Burano... the cutest, most inspiring town I think I’ve ever seen! Every house was painted a different, vibrant color, with the perfect contrasting striped curtains hanging on the front doors and little canals dividing up the neighborhoods. I took a million photos, so more to come... cutest place I’ve ever seen!! #burano #italy

I want to thank the person who let me take this photo of @beccalovesart right in front of their door. They had no idea I took a photo but I thank them anyway.

These bricks are deteriorating due to a dramatic rise of sea levels thanks to global warming. Here is Becca beachcombing at low tide. #IJustMadeThatAllUp

Explored 10 miles of side streets and canals around Venice today with @bgrettenberger This place is amazing, doesn’t even feel real, more like we’re at Disneyland but with better food and even better wine! #venezia

Misty morning low tide beach workout à la Côte des Basques

Feels like summer this morning, without the crowds...

Really neat #neaturewalk with these two outdoor explorers today along La Corniche Basque, from Socoa all the way to Hondarribia! #thatsprettyneat #paysbasque #lacornichebasque #france #baguettenberger #neature

The tanner and ALL the seagulls, spotted on my morning run.

Made it home just in time to watch @dgrettenberger sunset surf session, with @bgrettenberger à la #grandeplage

A happy day hiking in the sunshine avec @serenalutton  #topoftheworld #laguna

A happy day hiking in the sunshine avec @serenalutton  #topoftheworld #laguna

Happiness is... getting to spend an unexpected day with my BFF in the California sunshine!

Yesterday’s office... a sunny secret spot  Photo by @meganhaynes_

A break in the rain just in time to continue the tour de Biarritz. Thanks for the visit @kelseyjoshive @shivesb !

Morning run view... love that golden fall light!

Made it back to Biarritz just in time for another rainy day. View from a peaceful rainy morning run, just me and all the seagulls!

Some of my Barcelona beach treasures... I was excited to find so many beautiful pieces of turquoise and yellow amber glass! #beachcombing #seaglass #beachcomber #40ozkdub #barcelona #beachfinds

Of course I went beach-combing in Barcelona! Thanks to my friends for letting me squeeze in a quick comb + clean between adventures! Photo by @kristinaleephotography #beachcombing #barcelona

Bedroom view in Barcelona  @kristinaleephotography found the most beautiful apartment for us! #40ozkdub

Exploring beautiful Barcelona with the birthday girl! @kristinaleephotography #40ozkdub

Star-bursts stamped into the sidewalk on the streets of #barcelona

Always searching for type inspiration, everywhere I go... love this hand painted window type on the streets of #barcelona #40ozkdub #bocadillos

Hanging out with Gaudí today in #barcelona

Happiness is... drinking Rioja on a balcony in Spain with @kristinaleephotography #40ozkdub #barcelona

I miss the sunshine, but love waking up to dark, dramatic skies in #biarritz

INTERNATIONAL COASTAL CLEANUP DAY  All the trash collected from the beaches in Biarritz this morning from Port Des Pêcheurs to Plage Du Miramar, with @bgrettenberger #internationalcoastalcleanup2017 #internationalcoastalcleanupday #beccalovesbeachcleaning #beachclean #beachtrash #biarritz #france #cleanyobeach #cleanyobeachbeaches

Today is International Coastal Cleanup Day! Braved the stormy weather to do a beach cleanup in Biarritz this morning, from Port Des Pêcheurs all the way to Plage Du Miramar. So proud of @bgrettenberger for helping me on a rainy and early Saturday morning! If you live near the beach take a few minutes to get out there today and grab some trash, it doesn't take much time and it's important for us to protect the beautiful places we love! If we all work together we can make an impact, rain or shine! Check out my story on my beach-combing account @seaandgather to see more photos from our clean up! Photo by @bgrettenberger #internationalcoastalcleanup #internationalcoastalcleanup2017 #cleanyobeach #cleanyobeachbeaches #beachtrash #biarritz #france #beachclean #2minutebeachclean #internationalcoastalcleanupday

The much-needed sun came out for us today! #grandeplage #biarritz

Those winter whites are making an appearance a little too early this year... rainy morning run view from a very empty Grande Plage.

Couldn't believe how many nurdles had washed up onto Grande Plage this morning! I picked up this huge handful in just 10 minutes. Yuck... check out my story on @seaandgather for more pics! #nurdles #grandeplage #biarritz #cleanyobeach #cleanyobeachbeaches #2minutebeachclean

Morning run view, making friends with this little seagull! I used to never go out to this little point because it was a parking lot, but the city just converted it to a lookout point with freshly planted grass, trees, a seating area and a cobblestone path that's an extension of the main sidewalk... it's small, but I love it because now I can add just that much more distance to my morning runs!